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Getting Better, End of Season Wrap Up

Becca and Crispian discuss getting better, answer a listener's questions, and recap the Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship. Nova Politte provides a pep talk as we head into the off season. 

Special Episode: 2018 USWDGC, Paige Pierce

In today's episode we feature several interviews with players at USWDGC in a variety of divisions: Meg Fittro, Sarah Brown, Michelle Frazer, Amanda Thompson, Madison Walker, Ava Meyer, and Paige Pierce.

Also, is it time for a separate pro USWDGC that happens at the same location every year like USDGC? Are we ready for a short all-women's tour where we can get the pros and amateurs together?

Pro Worlds Recap, Andrea Eaton, Erikah Weir

We recap Pro Worlds and Paige Bjerkaas's epic win. Tracy Lopez and Carrie Rickets give a recap of The Mighty Miss all-women's tournament. Coloradans, podcast fans, and excellent disc golfers Andrea Eaton and Erikah Weir discuss their passion for disc golf. 

Kristy Moore, Kimberly Giannola, Nova Politte, Courses

Kristy Moore recaps the Ladies at the Lake tournament and talks women's tournaments.

Kim and Nova talk about their disc golf adventures including Kim's FP40 World Championship win. Then we chat about course design and tournament formats. Finally, we recap FPO tournament action and look ahead to worlds. 


Ellen Widboom, Kaylee Kincaid, Traveling for Tournaments, Listener Questions

In today's episode: Kaylee Kincaid joins Becca and they talk about a variety of topics including traveling for tournaments, FPO play, and Ledgestone. They also answer listener questions including driving on non-hard surface tee-pads, dealing with sexism on the course, and divisional choices for transgender players.

Ellen Widboom gives a report from the road and talks about her disc golf journey. 


LOTC News, AM Worlds Wrap Up

A bit of a more relaxed, conversational episode. Lupe joins Becca as they talk LOTC news and disc golf. Liz Borg-Bowman reports on her AM Worlds experience. 

Erika Stinchcomb, Yo Body, Lightweight Discs

In today's episode, our topic of the week is "Yo Body" discussing things we can do to feel our best physically on the course.

Team Westside Disc's FPO player and athletic trainer Erika Stinchcomb joins us and offers her insights.

We also do a wrap up of junior worlds, the weekend's A-Tiers and discuss lightweight discs. 

Team Legacy's Lauren Butler, Father's Day, Moving on Up

It's a mega-episode! This one has a bit of everything:

Nova Politte and Kim Giannola join Becca as co-hosts. We talk with upcoming player Edie Heard and her dad Sam as well as Cynthia Ricciotti's dad Dino. 

Next, Team Legacy's Lauren Butler joins us for a discussion about tournament divisions, playing pro, and getting sponsored.

We then answer questions about ratings and being filmed when playing. TD Chris Rodriguez talks about the La Nina Open and we do a quick FPO wrap up.

Sam and Edie's family owned business:

Nova's new YouTube channel:

Chris Rodriguez's basket company:

Jenny San Filippo, DGPT's Danielle Charlier, The Business of Disc Golf

Jenny San Filippo joins as co-host and we discuss business and disc golf. Also, an interview with Danielle Charlier, the DGPT's newest hire. Danielle was a key part of getting the women's shot by shot coverage airing the same day with live commentary. 

To support the DGPT's women's disc golf coverage, please email Danielle at:

Visit Jenny's awesome online business:


Cynthia Ricciotti, Ava Meyer, WGE Wrap Up, Juniors

In todays episode, we talk with juniors Cynthia Ricciotti and Ava Meyer. You can see both of them in the Kansas City Luck of the Draw DD videos. You can also see Cynthia outdriving Paige and Ricky here:

We also discuss the WGE, our tournament here in Kansas City, and getting women to play more tournaments. Amy Crowe offers insights into junior's play and what we can do to encourage more kids to play. We also answer a couple of wonderful listener questions and do a quick wrap up of FPO action.

Link for Kids Disc Golf:

Special Episode: GBO 2018

Our Saturday in Emporia experience! Featuring several interviews with FPO players and other women involved in disc golf. Insights into what players are excited about and ideas to grown the women's game. Listen to the end for a hilarious "podcastbomb."  Our 400 FB likes giveaway will be happening soon, visit our FB page or follow us on instagram. 

Anxiety and the Mental Game

In today's episode, one of the most important aspects of golf: the mental game! We answer listener questions, and give tips on how to overcome anxiety and improve your game. Featured is a relaxation meditation you can use on the course from Jaimee Crosby and an interview with therapist and disc golfer Anthony Puryear. 

Learn more about Jaimee's Yoga for Disc Golf program here:

Tina Stanaitis, Growing the Women's Game

In this week's episode, we feature an insightful interview with Whale Sacs' owner and team Dynamic Disc's Tina Stanaitis. We also get into it, discussing some of the controversial topics in women's disc golf and our ideas of how to grow disc golf amongst women. There's some great news about FPO post-produced coverage and our first giveaway!

Team MVP's Kimberly Giannola, Playing in Your First Tournament, LVC & Memorial FPO Wrap-Up

Welcome to the Ladies of the Chains disc golf podcast. In today's episode we talk with reigning Am Advanced Masters Women's Champion Kim Giannola. We also discuss our own disc golf backgrounds and playing in your first tournament. We discuss a listener question and do a quick wrap up of FPO action and coverage from the first two big tournaments of 2018. We welcome your questions, comments, and feedback and can be reached through our website: or Thanks for listening!

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